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A collaboration between two virtuosos: artist Sandra Walsh and musician Cleis Pierce

This collection of works by Sandra Walsh explores: It is often the case that our most natural and erotic desires are reflected from nature. Through this collection, I attempt to use art as a unique and creative tool with which to explore different levels of realities.

A delightful display of Artistry at its finest.

What was unique was one was a visual artist the other a Violinist..
The concept was to communicate between sound and colour live in a space whilst recording.
Both the recordings , audio and film, were a great success ...the paintings were something else.
The live music had inspired some of Sandra's most prominent works and inspired
her to create in a new and exciting way.
But perhaps the most wonderful discovery of it all was that they
had stumbled upon a wonderful live performance.

Sandra's unorthodox and boisterous colour mixing acrylics, oils, water sprayers and
recklessly throwing colour at canvases is a sight to behold.
​Elegantly driven by the masterful emotive heartfelt improvisation of Cleis on strings.

Brush and Bow is a chance to share in this incredible collaboration of two artists in their prime.

Part Art Exhibition part Album and Film Launch

The Real treat will feature a live performance, soulful and rich , 
By two of Australia's most experienced woman Artists! 
A night of pure beauty , one brush and one bow...
Pure Art..

for more information about Sandra Walsh
for more information about Cleis Pearce


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